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IBF New England Chapter - September 2018

We have set the date and location for our next IBF New England Chapter!

Our next event will be held on Monday, September 24th at UMass Lowell.

Join us for a panel discussion: A Day in the Life of the Demand Planner

Demand planning is a cyclical process. A month ends, work begins, mostly varying week to week and even day to day - and then the month closes and the cycle re-starts. What does the work of the demand planner look like within the month? How do you prep for a demand consensus meeting, what is the agenda for the meeting, who is in the meeting, what materials or tools are used during the meeting, and what are the outputs? How does demand planning enable S&OP, when do you review statistics and so on….

The conversation will focus on how demand planners lead the forecasting process through the cycle. The panel of experienced demand planners and S&OP experts will discuss ‘A Day in the Life of a Demand Planner” to help enrich the understanding of the role and process. Often times best practices are the practices that work best for your company. By learning how other companies work the demand planning cycle, it will help the listener build, refine and/or tune their own process.

We are currently working to finalize all the details, so please be sure to check back/ stay tuned on our social media pages for updates as they become available.


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