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Top Reason for Making a Career Change

LifeWork Search Probes Employees For Top Reason They Would Consider A New Role


Opportunity for professional growth #1 factor in the job hunt  

(Westport, MA) – LifeWork Search recently conducted research to determine the number one reason why people would consider accepting a new role. The search firm is a perennial President Club winner within MRINetwork®, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, specializing in Supply Chain Planning and Procurement. 

Forty-seven percent of respondents indicated that the opportunity for professional growth is the top reason for considering a new role, surpassing any other option by more than half.  Tied at 20% is the desire for a better work life balance and an increase in pay. 10% stated that not being on the same page with a boss and/or peers is the top reason for making a change, and lastly 3% would make a move based on the success or size of the hiring company.

Jason Breault, Managing Director of LifeWork Search, sees the priorities of his candidates beginning to shift.  “For the past two years job stability has been the top concern for all my candidates.  During the recession, people were just happy they had a job.  They survived layoffs and pay cuts but still weren’t going to take a chance in a new role, scared they would be last-in, first-out“, stated Breault.  “Now that the economy is bouncing back, people are building up the confidence to move their career to that next level. People want to learn, want to enhance their skills and want access to training and development programs. If workers can't find those growth opportunities within their current company, they'll seek it at another.”  

In the second quarter of 2010, more people quit their jobs than were laid off, first time this has happened since 2008. It is estimated that the cost of replacing one employee ranges from 29% to 46% of that person’s salary. “Sourcing and training new employees will cost you time and money, so it’s smart to keep your top players, for example, offer courses that will help them grow, both personally and professionally”. 

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