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Candidate Frustrations at an All-Time High During the Interviewing Process

Silence: Worse than Rejection?

(Westport, MA) – LifeWork Search recently surveyed individuals to determine what part of the job hunt was the most frustrating.  The search firm is a perennial President Club winner within MRINetwork®, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, specializing in Supply Chain Planning and Procurement.

Results of the poll indicate that a significant percentage of people are at their wits end by the lack of communication after an interview has taken place.  The poll, distributed in February 2011, was taken by 435 individuals.  Of the 435 surveyed, 69% stated not receiving any feedback after an interview was the most frustrating part of the interviewing process.  Eleven percent felt networking was the most frustrating, resume writing and leveraging online resources both received 7% of the vote, while 6% of people found the actual interview at the most frustrating part of the process.

According to Jason Breault, Managing Director of LifeWork Search, although the above results suggest that many companies aren’t connecting with candidates after an interview, “they know it’s an issue”. One of the questions regularly asked by HR and Hiring Managers is “what is a common candidate complaint during the interviewing process?” stated Breault.  “Many organizations are aware of the lack of communication after an interview but what they aren’t realizing is the negative affect it can have on the company brand and image”.  According to Jason, “candidates are left to assume, and they tend to assume negatively, not only about their own interviewing skills but also about their perception of the company.  ” 

A large percentage of respondents who chose networking and interviewing as the most frustrating part of the interviewing process were those of Generation X.  “Interviewing has changed over the past few years, we are seeing a larger emphasis on behavioral based questions”, stated Breault.  “Newcomers are being prepared for these types of questions, while Gen X may be taken off guard.” 

LifeWork Search also recommends candidates network and have a strong presence on social media sites like LinkedIn.  “The way candidates are found today differs dramatically from 10, even 5 years ago” stated Breault.  “However, online networking in a vacuum is not enough.  We highly encourage candidates to attend industry-specific events”.  Lifework Search works in coalition with the Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF) in hosting their Boston networking meetings. “These are great opportunities to meet industry leaders that you would otherwise rarely have a chance to interact with.”

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