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The Biggest Turnoff on a Resume - 2012

No love for spelling errors.

LifeWork Search recently surveyed individuals to find out what the biggest turn off is on a candidate’s resume.  The search firm is a perennial President Club winner within MRINetwork®, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, specializing in Supply Chain Planning and Logistics.

In a landslide, 77% of individuals stated poor grammar / spelling mistakes as the biggest turnoff, 11% stated lack of content, bad formatting and career gaps both received 6% of the vote, while 7% said other.  

 “In this day and age of spell check, it’s such a simple step, yet so frequently overlooked”, stated Jason Breault, Managing Director of LifeWork Search.   “We’ve seen it all when it comes to resumes, but there is no excuse for grammatical errors.  Most hiring Managers are not forgiving;  we have seen many good candidates get turned down for such a simple mistake”.

LifeWork Search has addressed this issue by offering candidates resume writing tips on their website.  “Typically we consult with candidates on the type of information they should include in their resume.  Over and over again, we drill the importance of showing quantifiable accomplishments”, stated Breault.   The best resume, according to Jason, is the one that shows you can increase revenue, decrease costs, or make some sort of measureable improvement.  “Hiring managers ultimately want to know how you can help make them look better.  Your quantifiable accomplishments measure not only your success but also the success of your manager”. 

Back in January, LifeWork Search determined that 47% of employees will be leaving their current company in 2013, so it may be time to revise and revamp those resumes. 


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