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What Area of Logistics is Most Important to Improve

Premier Recruiting Firm LifeWork Search Determines What Area of Logistics is Most Important to Improve

Reliable.  Available. Visible.

(Westport, MA) – LifeWork Search recently surveyed individuals to determine what areas are most important to improve within Logistics / Transportation.  The search firm is a perennial President Club winner within MRINetwork®, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, specializing in end-to-end Supply Chain.

Results of the poll, distributed in March 2013, show a broad opinion.  Twenty six percent believe Reliability/Availability is most important to improve, 24% believe Supply Chain Visibility is, 22% stated Customer Service, 12% chose On-Time, and 1% believe Transit is the most important aspect of Logistics to improve. 

Nick Pedro, Account Executive at LifeWork Search, recently began leading all transportation and logistics recruiting efforts for the organization.  “I saw a huge need for top logistics talent to help cope with issues arising from fluctuating fuel costs, government regulations, overseas trade, and recent weather catastrophes”, stated Nick.  “Companies are strategizing on ways to improve deliveries while lowering costs, so I am not surprised that Reliability/Availability and Supply Chain Visibility received a majority of the votes”. 

Nick firmly believes that “Logistics today is all about transparency and the exchange of information.  People want to know where a product is and when will it arrive, so it is important to stay on top of logistics improvements if you want to remain competitive within your industry.” Improvements in Logistics will ultimately help reduce costs.  Research has shown that a 5-percent reduction in transportation costs has the same profit and loss impact as a 30-percent increase in sales.  


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