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Finding Candidates is a Multi-Pronged Approach

(Westport, MA) – LifeWork Search recently surveyed Human Resources professionals to determine where they look first when hiring a new candidate.  The search firm is a perennial President Club winner within MRINetwork®, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, specializing in Supply Chain Planning and Supply Chain Execution.

Results of the poll indicate that a majority of HR professionals (42%) consult their own internal database first, 30% go to LinkedIn first, 11% will contact a recruiter, 9% hit the job boards, and 8% stated other. 

Jason Breault, Managing Director of LifeWork Search started his organization back in 2006.  “The way we find people today has drastically changed from when I first started this business seven years ago.  If this poll was taken even five years ago, I would bet that ‘Job Boards’ would have been one of the top two responses; instead the social media boom has completely changed the way we find candidates today, becoming a multi-pronged approach – scouring internal databases and hitting the social media outlets.”

In a survey by Bullhorn, 98.2% of recruiters polled stated they used social media for recruiting in 2012, with 97.3% of recruiters using LinkedIn. In the corporate environment, research shows that 93% of companies are using LinkedIn. “When the recession hit, many companies, as well as recruiting organizations were looking for ways to cut costs – with the growing popularity of social media outlets, job boards became the logical cut.  Many organizations now rely on their own network, internal database and LinkedIn to fill their open positions.”  With over 200 million users worldwide (72 million in the U.S.) and 2.7 million company pages it’s the obvious place to help take your career to the next step. 

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