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Director Human Resources, CPG Apparel & Textile Company

Search Process

We have put a great deal of thought into how to describe what we do. It isn’t easy to put 30 years of strategy, tactics, networking, hard work and constant learning and refinement into a few paragraphs.

So we stopped trying and looked at dozens of recruiting firms online to see what they wrote.

Most use terms such as comprehensive discovery and evaluation process, precision, talent acquisition, talent management, consultative such and such, impact, impact delivery, impact results, career servicing, HR outsourcing, focused specialization in this or best at that, followed by a lengthy description of the same services as everyone else and a rigorous, somewhat militaristic step by step approach that reminds us of machines marching into battle.

Do we have a process that we describe to clients that works? Of course we do.

What makes us different from other search firms is that our process, and the way we communicate with our clients, is based on what produces the most extraordinary results. If you are our client, we listen to what you’re saying and we think about what matters to you and we build a way to work with you that is both effective, enjoyable, and delivers.

We don’t stick you in a box.  

We discuss your goals and timeline and mutually discover the best options based on what you want to do.  By focusing on the overall composition of the client, our placements tend to go beyond solving the immediate problem, and have a positive impact in ancillary ways across the greater organization.

We’re not that complex.

We’re not selling retention consulting, benefits administration or life coaching. We can introduce you to partners who excel in those fields.

We’re headhunters.

We bring talent to organizations that are dedicated to winning. Period. We spend time with clients to discuss their goals. Depending on the situation, we reach a mutual agreement on whether a search is even necessary, whether it should be contingent or retained or something more creative; whether an employee, contractor, or even a referral to another search firm is the best approach.  We agree to a process that aligns with a mutually agreed-upon schedule.

It starts with a conversation to discover what you need to win. We go from there.

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