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LifeWork Search Newsletter - May 2017



Send Your Career Into Full Bloom

 In the Market or Not... Stay Proactive

We recently attended a local APICS event, where we had the opportunity to meet some new people in the industry, and the pleasure of sitting beside a VP of Operations. Aside from the informative presentation, we left the meeting with a great deal of information from the people we spoke with during the networking hours. 






If you have thought any of these things to yourself, you're not alone. We'd like to help you understand some important tips regarding your career that could really benefit you in the long-run.

Many times we've seen candidates comfortable and confident in a position, when the carpet was swept from underneath their feet. We've been seeing more frequently companies being bought by other companies- and it's not always larger companies buying smaller ones- take for example, Newell Rubbermaid's aquisition of Jarden.

Now, we aren't saying this is guaranteed to happen or is going to happen to anyone who has ever felt confident in their position and/or  company. What we are saying is that you can never be too prepared. Making sure you are valuable will not only serve you well in a current position, but it will set you apart and make you marketable in the chance of an unforeseen circumstance.

 In an article written by Ashley Stahl, a columnist for Forbes, we found some career steps you should be taking, job searching or not, that would benefit your career growth and help to send it into full bloom!

Here are the six steps Ashley mentions:

1. Update your resume and LinkedIn. Keeping your credentials up-to- date is so imporant, even if you're not in the job market.

We agree that staying on top of your resume and LinkedIn account are very important. Even if you aren't seeking a new opportunity, you never know who may be looking at your profile, so staying on top of your LinkedIn and keeping both your profile and resume clean and current ensures you won't be overlooked if the right opportunity may arise. 

2. Build your skillset. Employers want employees who are motivated to learn new skills, even more than they want employers who are willing to work long hours. The top skills employers want their employees to improve are communication, leadership, and job-related skills. Adding one of these to your resume or building upon an existing one is an excellent way to give your career a boost.   
You can never learn too much. The more you build yourself, the m
ore valuable you are to an employer.

3. Improve your mindset. Happy employees are good employees. The more you can keep your mindset positive and inspired, the more productive and engaged you will be in your work.                          

Who doesn't like the positive person in the office? Good attitudes help build relationships and make for an overall happier environment. "Happiness inspires productivity." - Shawn Achor, an American happiness researcher, author, and speaker. 

4. Build your network. Don't wait until your next job search to get moving. Building and maintaining a solid professional network is one of the most important things you can do for yourself professionally, regardless of your employment status.  

Having a large network and establishing good rapport will help you become more successful in your industry. Attending networking events, such as IBF Conferences, will not only help grow your knowledge base and expose you to new ideas, but are excellent networking opportunities.

5. Read More. Whether it's signing up for a blog or reading an academic journal, keeping up with the latest trends in your field will keep you engaged and updated in your field. Staying abreast of changes and developments in your field will set you apart from your colleagues and demonstrate your commitment to your career.             

Who likes to feel like they're behind? Staying on top of the latest trends in an ever changing industry will avoid falling behind and missing a potential opportunity.

6. Find a mentor. One study revealed that mentoring had a number of favorable benefits to the mentees, including improved behavior, attitudes, and health as well as higher motivation and better career outcomes. Another study in Canada had similar results.    

Mentors can not only provide great advice and be your go-to source for information, but they can also lead you to future opportunities in your career.

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