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LifeWork Search Newsletter - September 2017



2017 Professional Environment
Workplace expectations in the modern-day world

This quarter's mashup of First Friday Preview articles provides us with some insight as to what matters today when it comes to priorities and expectations between candidates/ employees and companies.

According to an MRINetwork survey, while 90% of recruiters still feel the professional labor market is candidate driven in most industry sectors, 47 percent of employers believe companies have the upper hand. This year the unemployment rate has been consistently low, with May and July being the lowest it's been in 16 years. With that in mind, companies must remember that the best candidates have other options. They must clearly state how their company would benefit a candidate's career and not make the mistake of thinking a candidate is lucky to have an interview. 

Candidates expect companies to be competitive in compensation. Compensation has become the top deciding factor for high performers looking to make a job move. Candidates looking for a job feel it's important for a company to provide advancement opportunities and better compensation packages. Compensation needs to be competitive enough to attract the talent you're looking for and convince top performing candidates to make the move. 

Alongside compensation, there is now a growing expectation for companies when it comes to the option to work from home. Maintaining a work-life balance in our busy, fast-paced economy isn't always the easiest task. The option to work from home is a growing benefit, and candidates are finding it to be more important. Companies offering these work-from-home benefits have a higher potential for happy, engaged employees. Furthermore, working at home is no longer a reward or a priviledge and companies offering these benefits expect employees to be engaged, meet deadlines just the same, and stay involved.

 While trying to find the right candidate for a position, companies should no longer expect their top talent to hold a traditional degree. Technology has made it possible for online courses to become more advanced, and online degrees to become more common. Employers are expected to adjust their interview process to adjust to the growing popularity of online degrees. 

Expectations from companies, employees and candidates are changing with the times. Do you feel as though your company is up to date with all of these expectations? 



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A Special Thank You

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to Vermont for our IBF meeting on September 21st. The meeting had a great turnout and the feedback we've gotten has been excellent! 

We'd like to give special thanks to Mark Jahns, our presenter, and King Arthur Flour for hosting the event and providing us with a pizza baking class prior to our meeting.

Be sure to check our social media pages for the photos! 

If you'd like to be notified of our furture events, please email lauren@lifeworksearch.com


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