Sr. Fleet Buyer, Utility Company

 “Working with LifeWork Search and Jason Breault has been a very rewarding experience for me.  I was referred to TopGrading Solutions by the NAFA organization to follow up on an open position which was commensurate with my experience and within a few short weeks Jason had done his homework, set up an interview for me and took care of every detail to ensure my success.  I was very impressed with Jason's job search coaching abilities, genuine interest in his recruits and immediate follow up calls after each step of the interviewing process.  From my experiences in the corporate world, I was truly impressed with Jason's personable communication skills which, by far, had exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend LifeWork Search and Jason Breault, Managing Director, in anyone's professional job search because of their ability to cut through the minutia of the job search and provide their customers with qualified candidates for the position that they are hired to fill."