Lauren Rusnock

Lauren joined the LifeWork Search team in October 2016, taking on the role of Office and Marketing Manager. She shares a profound belief in the importance of achieving a harmonious life/work balance, a belief that she has seamlessly incorporated into her own life.

Balancing the responsibilities of her professional life with her cherished role as a devoted mom, Lauren has mastered the art of maintaining equilibrium. She strives to flourish in her career while working part-time from the comfort of her home, relishing every moment spent in the company of her son.

Lauren is an advocate for the power of support, both within the workplace and in the nurturing environment of her home. She receives immense fulfillment from guiding and empowering others to reach their fullest potential, fostering an atmosphere of kindness and honesty that extends beyond the office.

Beyond the realms of her career and family life, Lauren is an avid enthusiast of all things crafty. She discovers solace in the art of refurbishing furniture, breathing new life into forgotten treasures. Her creative outlets, knitting and scrapbooking, provide her with the perfect means to unwind.