Enable your continued success

Gaining a deeper understanding of our clients is reflected in every action we take. As supply chain recruiters, we look, listen, and educate internal generalists on the actual hiring needs they are trying to address. Our massive database is built from the ground up, organized by skill, industry, experience level, and location.

What makes us different

We communicate to our clients what produces the most extraordinary results. We listen to what you’re saying so we can understand why you do what you do, building a recruitment process that maximizes your strengths and gives support where it is needed. We create a hiring experience that is effective, enjoyable, and that delivers.

A Customized Approach

LifeWork Search’s supply chain recruiters explore your goals and timeline, discovering the best options based on that discussion. Our process focuses on the overall composition of the employer, going beyond solving the immediate hiring problem, and offering solutions that have a greater positive impact within the organization as a whole.

We are supply chain recruiters

LifeWork Search determines which service model best meets your needs— priority, contingent, contract staffing, or something more creative. We engage in multifaceted client marketing to candidates. Our brand promise is to stay present in the field, stay connected with those candidates and companies active in the supply chain industry, and to achieve results where others have failed.

Seek Talent. Seek Leadership. Seek Advancement. Seek Balance.